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New Moon July 20, 2020

New Moon July 20, 2020 - everything that does not resonate, is not in alignment with your truest and highest self and preventing you from growth is LEAVING or must go in one form or another. A lot of people are picking up on this either consciously or subconsciously. Whether or not you believe in the powers of the moon, as beings made of a large percentage of water, it appears that right now we are highly influenced by the moon cycles and the emotions, vibrational differences and energies, which we pick up on during the moon cycles.

I've been feeling a lot over these past days and even postponed a trip I had planned on taking for a few days down the line, because I knew it would be important to stand in my power and sit in my energy during this new moon day. I therefore decided to be in my own space today as opposed to the space I am renting throughout the remainder of the week. The New Moon is appearing in a few short hours, around 5:30 PM EST today, and you can tap into it before, during and after. Effects can be felt days before and after the new moon (and also full moon) event. There are a lot of heavy energies coming up for today’s new moon. Make sure to stand in your integrity.

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