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On Life Purpose and Recognizing your Life's Work

What if what you’re meant to be doing is of such grandeur, that you need to stop doing what you have been doing before. You need to start treating your purpose and passion like a life’s work, instead of the business and generation of income, which you have before. Or instead of looking how other people have succeeded in a similar field when you are the one carving out a new path.

This came up for me especially this past month. Not only in client sessions but also for me on a personal level. Almost all of last year I’ve been succeeding until I somehow hit that wall. For both of my businesses. That proverbial wall came about when I started forcing thing and make them happen how I thought fit. When I put myself in a mold or category or the confinements of 3D and the physical reality - instead of seeing them as the vibrant, multidimensional, YOUNIQUE things they are. The limitations we put onto ourselves often are a funny thing to observe in hindsight. Digging deep into what we believe we are worth and where these limitations come from is not going to happen overnight. It’s a life purpose by itself.

So oftentimes, what we find ourselves meant to be doing in this lifetime is not going to come overnight. It’s a life’s work, with its ups and downs and learning curves. Going with the flow and learning from virtually everything is how I slowly let that wall dissolve. It is working. I’ve been having one of the best months of my life. However, I’ve also realized that there is literally no reason to force things that are not yet meant to be. We need to let those fruits of our labor ripen until it is time to pick them. There is the right timing for everything. And sometimes the universe is holding off until all pieces fall into place and you can take the most advantage of the divine timing and opportunities presented to you. Flowing is the only way to go for me. Work smarter, not harder.

How are you not doing what you are meant to be doing in this life? A question to ponder.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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