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Pleiadian Healer is now Shamanic Self!

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Pleiadian Healer is now Shamanic Self!

After more than 6 years with the previous name of Pleiadian Healer, I decided to change it now to better reflect what this business and mission stand for. Absolutely nothing will change about the content, message or who I am. And I will continue on the path I was before.

It's been an amazing six years with Pleiadian Healer. I just felt growth was imminent. A name change can symbolize so many things. Certainly also growth in a certain direction, as priorities have changed over these past few years. Originally I was thinking about a change last year already. But then the fatal Youtube Channel termination came in between and it did not appear like a good time to change everything around when old and new followers needed to find me in some way or another. October was the launch of PH back in 2017. And it is a great time to rebrand this business years later.

As I relaunch this business and take it into this new and exciting direction, I am also celebrating all month long. Please join my newsletter to stay updated on my upcoming anniversary specials, discounts, announcements and more (These will only be announced in the newsletter)! And thank you SOOO much for your support over these past 6 years!

~Laura from Shamanic Self (formerly: Pleiadian Healer) is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She gives powerful and empowering Shamanic Healing sessions, combining a multitude of healing techniques. She also provides readings and offers her intuitive psychic insight in her sessions. Interested in learning these things on your own? Her courses teach how to tap into your own intuition, how to become your own shaman and how to help others and more! Have a look here.

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