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Predicting The Collapse In 2019 Already...

In August 2019 I started receiving insight during a few of my daily meditations and when communicating with my inner self. In these visions, I saw the world turn around a good 180 degrees, economies crashing, people with debt having a hard time and especially performers, such as here in NYC, being out of work. I was asking particularly how people who had been employed by these institutions (such as Broadway etc.) for decades already would all of a sudden face hardships and might not even be re-employed but rather replaced by younger talent, who would cost much less and have less demands towards benefits (no retirement plan, no paid vacation etc.). I also got insight that 2021 would be a good year to invest in one's own home or apartment (in case anyone has the funds or plans to do so then).

As things are playing out now, not only in this city but all over the world, I guess it is not hard to see how things have partially come true and - if they haven't yet - are on their best way towards there. With most cultural institutions & event venues here being closed or only open with certain restrictions, I can now see how the unthinkable has turned into a bitter reality for a lot of my artist friends, small to medium sized business owners, and performers.

I was asking particularly how the world would be able to shut down like that. I never got a clear answer. All I know is that in some timelines it was supposed to come about much later. In others much earlier. Although we might not always get the full picture right away, trusting oneself and the insight we get might be one of the most precious things we have right now. Had I known more back in the summer of 2019, I would have maybe appreciated my time abroad to a different extent. Living in the moment would have felt much better than worrying about the past and future with the insight on what was about to come.

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