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Reclaiming Your Power - Soul retrieval!

A soul retrieval can mean many things. It is a part or piece of your soul being stuck in a different era, a different lifetime or in this lifetime. Doing a soul retrieval is calling back all the pieces and fragments of your soul, that have been stuck somewhere, be it in this lifetime or other / parallel (past) realities and which you need to call back in order to make your soul whole again. I and many others have been called to doing soul retrievals over this very crucial time period of 2020.

2020 is the year of 2020 vision - meaning things are being clear to as like they never have before (especially for the divine masculine, since the divine feminine most likely has been on the spiritual path for much longer). 2020 vision means in order to see clearly we need to be whole from the inside out. When doing my own soul retrieval via my very own Shamanic Journey video, I was able to recall pieces of my soul that were stuck in childhood (some mother wounds came up for sure in addition to the fear of not being accepted for who I am). Some lifetimes on other planets came up, too, but actually more importantly I had left some soul pieces behind in Australia!

Australia was battered by bush fires, economic downturn, the virus and more and I literally had to recall shattered soul fragments of myself, which I had left behind in Cairns, Noosa, the Sunshine Coast (didn't expect that one!), Brissy, and various locations of Sydney. Some were definitely meant to bring the land some healing. However, others had splintered off by just being in that location and either going through a lot of pain or happiness.

If you're interested in soul retrievals, my Shamanic Journey is currently discounted to $22.22 ($44.44 value) and you can find it in my booking link below!

Happy journey, no matter what soul retrieval you decide on, and I hope you are able to find some healing during these high vibrational and also intense (!) times.

With love and light,

Pleiadian Healer

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