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September Energies

[The following is an excerpt from my September Newsletter. Subscribe to get the full report yourself the next time. I send these out every month.]

What makes September so special? Did you know that the word "September" actually comes from the Latin word "septem" and means "seven," as it was the seventh month of the early Roman calendar? Just another sign towards how much they have been messing around with our times and calendar systems for a very long time already. And it wasn't until around the year 46 BCE, that September was changed to the ninth month of the year and it has kept its old name ever since. Before those days, a calendar year had 10 months instead of the now twelve. Numerological-wise, ten also makes for a more fortunate number than what we have now...

For my US Americans, you are celebrating "Constitution Week" from September 17 - 23, which is always a good reminder to be aware of your constitutional rights in the country. Especially during these times and days, during which a lot of confusion is being spread by the media, employers and others when it comes to certain topics and health issues.

September is also the first month of fall here in the Northern Hemisphere (and spring for the other side). It is bringing in a fresh new start and shift in energies, which we have been needing after the sluggishness and confusion of the past few months during the summer especially. Most people might have noticed a shift in motivation and that they have felt more motivated to get projects, work and other things done. It is almost as if a huge energy bubble has burst at the beginning of the month and we are now integrating it successfully.

Another fun fact is that for those born between September 23 and October 22 (Libra), your spirit animal is the gray wolf. Libra season can bring a time of balance and moderation. Although for the next few weeks, we are still experiencing the hermit mode and effects of Virgo and some powerful time for introspection.

September is also oftentimes associated with fire, as it was the month of the Roman god Vulcan. I hope you are having a lovely time already and for the next few weeks ahead!

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