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Staying In Your Heart Space - Entering A Heart-Centered Time

Staying in your heart space - entering a heart-centered time. Right now a few of us might be going through a tough phase / external experiences in their lives. In addition to having been in lockdown for months already, the riots and more, we have pretty much been constantly under attack since this spring or perhaps for even longer. Not just by random people on social media, but even more by close friends or even family members - and then also in the dream state, when other types of attacks are ramping up. Both of which are related to each other in one form or another (AI, programming people who don't fully embody their "housings", darker forces, call it what you want).

In times like these it's important to keep your heartspace open and to let your light shine brightly. By doing so, you are opening yourself up to unconditional love and are showing to others how it can be done, as well. Being in your own energy bubble for so long might have really made you question your reality and your current way of life. Perhaps new possibilities have opened up for you and you are now considering a 180 degree change from how life was in the winter months or less than six months ago. In whatever way it is being expressed right, working with the heart and extending that unconditional love especially towards yourself is highly favorable. Hang tight, eclipse season ends soon but this summer in general is quite transformative (as were the previous summers before).

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