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Strawberry Moon: Major Transformation, Release & Healing

Today’s full moon in Sagittarius: This moon is bringing a major release, transformation and also the opportunity for healing. It will bring the chance for healing to the areas you have neglected all year already, shoved beneath your emotional rug or have not yet been able to look at. The major cycle of all of 2019 continues and this particular full moon is slowly bringing the cycle full circle. Although there is still much more transformation happening, especially with the eclipse season starting up.

(Image courtesy of Alberton Record)

Today’s full moon is also related to the new moon of December 7, 2018. Both moons were in the sign of Sagittarius. Whatever happened around that time (roughly six months ago) is now surfacing again for you to look at and work through it.

Happy Strawberry Moon! A powerful one indeed of you want to finally do the work and take ownership of your life, including your emotions, your repetitive patterns and your circumstances.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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