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Tarotscopes - All Signs!

This month's tarotscopes were released in my last newsletter. Make sure you subscribe to it to get insight on my current offers and discounts, interesting information on Shamanic Healing, Tarot and more! Tarotscopes are one card readings for each sign, and this is the insight that came through for the time ahead:

Aries: Knight of Pentacles: Hard-working, would rather stay home than go out. Your focus right now might be on the daily tasks and accumulating abundance. Feeling the need for reliability and stability. Taurus: Knight of Swords: Assertive, direct, impatient. Focusing on financial goals and taking action towards financial goals. A time to be ambitious. Gemini: Eight of Swords: Fear and entrapment. Feeling caught up in a situation, from which you can easily get yourself out of. Not seeing the bigger picture. Blindfolded. A time to re-evaluate what does not feel "right" in your life. Cancer: Knight of Wands: Action and adventure. Being straightforward. A great time to get away, travel and advance with passion projects / plans. Completing important tasks or moving to a new place. Leo: Stability and home life. Desiring a stable home life and wanting to build up a stable home, possibly with a new partner or current partner. Feeling it's the right time to set up roots. Happy Leo season! Virgo: Judgement: The decision of choice. Needing to make a choice in an important matter and facing the decision between two or more matters. Needing to make a decision to advance in life and feel better.

Libra: Page of Cups: Dreams, fulfilment and more. Be open to new ideas and wish fulfilment. Inspiration and right people might be coming your way. Embrace those once they show up, even when it's unexpected. Scorpio: Two of swords: Blindfoldedness and stalemate. Not seeing things currently for what they are. Only seeing one aspect to a story, although there are many more. Facing difficult choices and therefore indecision. Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune: The wheel of fortune / karma turning into your favor. Being able to reap what you have sown. Change occuring and luck being on your side. Capricorn: Death: Renewal and change! One situation falling away for another one to occur. Perhaps a painful moment in between, when realizing this. A major phase in your life coming to an end. Exciting! Aquarius: Queen of Swords: Clear-headedness and complexity. The need to become independent with our judgments. Valuing honesty and indepence. Looking at all the facts before making a decision. Pisces: ​Two of Pentacles: Balancing resources and finances. Juggling between work life and home life. Trying to gain a balance in your life and opening up the doors for the new to enter. Cut the multi-tasking and focus on the important aspects first.


Are you curious to know more about tarot? Learn Tarot Like A Pro and how to read the cards intuitively with my course! Or book a personal session to clarify your own circumstances.

With love,

Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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