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Tarotscopes - All Signs!

This month's tarotscopes are now released. These are one card readings for each sign, and this is the insight that came through for the time ahead:

Aries: Queen of Pentacles and Seven of Pentacles: You have worked hard up until this point and now is a great time to take some time off and practice self-care. You maintain a healthy balance between home and work. Taurus: Ten of Swords: You might be experiencing an abrupt ending, which came unexpectedly and could have caused you to feel low. On the positive side, this ending is also creating the space for new things to emerge. Gemini: The World: You have come full circle and are celebrating success, accomplishments and completions of important projects and phases in your life. You are closing out one chapter and opening up another. Hooray! Cancer: Nine of Wands; Keep pushing - you are so close to seeing results of something you have worked hard for. Even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. You are persistent. Don't let others get to you. Leo: The Magician: You are able to take action and manifest your goals. You have the resources to create what you desire. It is up to you to become the magician of your world and combine practicality with reality. Virgo: King of Pentacles: You are confident, attracting and managing wealth. You can translate your vision into something that is tangible, practical and often lucrative. HAPPY VIRGO SEASON! Libra: Ten of Pentacles: Wish fulfillment! You have accumulated wealth and abundance through hard work and dedication. You express gratitude for fulfilling your material goals and dreams. Congrats! Scorpio: Knight of Wands: Fueled by ambition and confidence, you are here to make things happen. You are charged up with energy, passion and motivation and you are channeling that energy through inspired action. Sagittarius: Death: Renewal and change! One situation falling away for another one to occur. Perhaps a painful moment in between, when realizing this. A major phase in your life coming to an end and a form of transformation occurring. Capricorn: three of Wands: Get out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities for growth and development. Cover new ground and expand your horizon. A great time for collaborations, as well. Aquarius: Queen of Swords (again!) and Page of Swords: You are clear headed and complex and you value honesty and independence. You are also ready to come forward and share your truth with the world! Time to take that next step! Pisces: ​King of Wands: You are a leader and visionary and ready to lead a team towards a common goal. You may also feeling like being a social butterfly for the month ahead and playing the social game. Perhaps even stepping into a new business of your own.


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With love,

Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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