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Tearing Up Soul Contracts And Setting Energy Boundaries

Right now setting up boundaries might be of crucial importance for some. Especially in times like these when we are bombarded with a million different viewpoints and lots of it is getting lost in personal perspectives, opinions and one-sidedness. I know it can be difficult - especially when it involves people we used to spend a lot of time with or who play a crucial part in our lives. But it's also important for us to stand in our power and not lend into the distractions that are currently occurring on a mass scale. Units such as families, friend groups and other dynamics are being targeted and almost torn apart - a toxic word can give way to yet another and all of a sudden a full-blown argument ensues.

Set up boundaries, don't give into dead-end view points or topics and most crucial of all, remove cords or tear up soul contracts if you feel you are being attacked energetically by someone who is taking up too much of your time and energy with not much results coming out of it. Your time is about as precious as theirs. There is no reason to waste it right now when you could be using it for something else much more wisely.

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