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The Chakra Series: The Root Chakra

The root chakra is the energy vortex that lies at the end of your spine. It is often represented in a red color, although the earthy tones of brown and black also deeply resonate with this chakra. The root chakra is the first of the seven major chakras. It is all about topics of basic survival, family and money needs being met.

Key issues of sexuality are also represented in this chakra. An imbalance in the root chakra can manifest as a feeling of ungroundedness, which can also affect your head area and make you feel dizzy, evoke a headache or be the cause of migraines. The root chakra may also be the reason for your feelings of instability and insecurity, especially when you have the sentiment that your basic needs are not being met. For example, moving from one job to another or moving house can cause the root chakra to close up and thus leaving you with a feeling of insecurity and being “in-between-chairs”.

Because the root chakra is the very first chakra, if this one is not balanced, it can affect the entire bottom area of your body, such as legs, knees, and feet. It can also move on to the sacral chakra and solarplexus chakra, in the way a clogged up pipe would cause other areas to clog up as well. Most people, who are healers or spiritual in one way or another, seem to go through a root chakra imbalance at one point in their spiritual cycle. In order to connect more with the third eye and crown chakra, letting go of the root is sometimes necessary. However, it does not mean that it shall remain this way. In my case, I felt ungrounded and “uprooted” for most of 2018. I had actually never gone through this much of a root chakra imbalance before.

The root chakra can be balanced out in a few different ways. Physical exercise can help, such as slow movement, yoga, dance – anything that makes your body feel alive and puts you back in the present moment. Crystals to consider for the root chakra would be of red, brown or black colors. Great gem stones would be for example: Carnelian, fire agate, red jasper, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye and many more. Breathing deeply into the base of your spine and doing certain breathing exercises can also greatly help in improving the balance of the root chakra.

Working with the power animal of a lion really aided me in regaining my feeling of groundedness and empowering myself to new heights, in addition to manifesting more income than ever before (see the full post here). Another exercise would be to find what grounds you, such as the earth or water (more in this post) and to visualize yourself grounding through these means.

The root chakra is certainly an interesting one to work with, since so many things are based on it. Once you feel secure in your root chakra, not too many things will throw you off in the “unseeable”, psychic realm and when astral traveling. It is therefore advisable to have your root chakra balanced when doing this type of work or when you want to dive into a more spiritual and balanced life.

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