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The Danger Of Saying Yes When You Mean No: Standing in Your Own Integrity

Two incidents over the past week have really opened my eyes to what it means to step into my own power and stop being a people-pleaser. The first one was at the spa. I met a girl. She was in a relationship with a boyfriend and kept talking about how great they were together. But after a few moments of me just holding space the narrative turned into them having a shaky foundation and turbulent past with each other. I could sense her deep unhappiness and how the relationship had run its course on a soul level. I didn’t say anything. Instead I even encouraged her to keep on talking or simply said “that’s great” when she praised him. The next day I had a rash below my mouth. My guides told me it was because I had not stepped into my integrity and told her what I really thought. Instead I had been a people-pleaser.

The second incidence was on Monday. I went to Sephora to have my makeup done. The girl kept chatting away at how great this eye shadow and that lip gloss looked and I fell into the all-too familiar trap of being nice, nodding, smiling and telling her what a great job she was doing. I disliked the makeup and entire experience. I could tell she didn’t like her job, her life and even herself at this point.

On my way back, I took the subway. All of a sudden a wave of anxiety washed over me and I felt a deep sadness. My heart sank. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Was it just an odd vibe or was I sad because of something much deeper? Then it hit me like a blow to the head! My integrity was gone because I hadn’t said what I really thought. I felt I had lost a piece of my soul and I was desperately trying to fill the void. I had gone through the all-too-familiar trap of trying to overcompensate for something I would never be able to from the outside instead of looking within me.

Pleasing anyone but yourself sets you back. The danger of not standing in your own power and acting in integrity does not just lie in you losing yourself over the course of time. On a soul level, it tears you apart and keeps you entrapped in a self-created prison. It fragments the already divided pieces of your soul and keeps them further and further apart. Not only does it set you back for days, weeks or months on your spiritual soul journey, but the denial of your own self and how you really feel can set you back for lifetimes. And it has. This is why you keep encountering situations, which are testing your integrity. Over and over again. In this lifetime. In previous lifetimes. Until you learn that lesson and move on to the next soul lesson. You yourself have created a similar scenario again and again. Just like in a video game. Stand in your power. Don’t do things because you want others to do them or think you owe them to anyone. You will lose yourself in the process. We’ve done this vicious cycle over lifetimes. It put us at a standstill. What we need to do in this lifetime is break out of the cycle and reinvent ourselves and our lives. There are no more excuses. At this point, I can literally tell with everyone I am talking to or whom I’m in touch with whether or not they are living their lives in full integrity or are deeply unhappy and confused about the world they have created for themselves. I sometimes feel sorry but then I remind myself that all their pain is their own doing.

I am not here to take your power away. I have encountered so-called psychics and “healers” who do this regularly and call their job “successful”. It is not a sign of strength to tell a person what to do or how they are supposed to feel, act and go about their situation. It is a sign of strength to have that person figure it out himself. I can’t help you. I can only open your eyes to your own power of switching things up and finally discovering your own magnificence. The world needs you. Your radiance, your uniqueness, your you. Whatever you came here to do. Please don’t abandon yourself again. Please don’t be a people-pleaser anymore. Please be who you were meant to become before you entered this 3D world. This is what it means to take back your power.

I believe in you.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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