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The Split Between People Who are "Getting It" And People Who Aren't "Getting It"

Observing the split between people who are "getting it" and people, for who this is too much. Realities are splitting apart and we are at quite peculiar times right now. The gap between people, who are "getting" it, and people, who don't want to "get" it or deal with things that make up this new reality, is widening. On one hand, you have the people who think we are returning to the old normal, as long as we are just going to follow the rules, do as we are told and who are trying to milk the fallen, old system as much as they can to their advantage (e.g. by overcharging people for common services, commodities, housing etc.). Their fear of not having enough one day is mostly what is fueling their behavior, which is wrecking and bankrupting a system, which was abandoned by most sovereign beings a long time ago and which is now miserably failing and falling apart.

On the other hand you have the people, who can see what is going on and who are calling everyone to action in one form or another. Who see that the current circumstances can be a means of mass enslavement and but also carry the potential for mass liberation. Who are fighting in this battle of not only energetic sovereignty but sovereignty for all hue-mans, who want to be a part of it and who want to take responsibility for their life and the way they shape their way of living, means and paths forward. Of course there are many different hues in between, such as the people who simply don't care, the ones who know, and the ones who don't want to take action on behalf of liberating others. All of these people are living in an entire reality of their own, as well. However, the largest split I myself observed today and over these past few months has certainly been between letting go of people, who claim they are helping you / us, but whose actions speak louder than words. Who are also the ones overquoting, overselling and just in general exploiting your kindness, which they oftentimes mistake as weakness. I had to push back on a lot of that behavior and those people and this weekend was a huge eye opener of how little of this I wanted to let into my energy field and how I could simply just let these people go and do things my own way, even if it were to take me a little bit longer. Meaning things would be completed on my own terms and according to how I wanted not how others wanted.

Old realities, new realities, and all the potential in between. August set a lot of it in motion.

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