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Wearing A Mask: Allowing Yourself to Shine

The concept of wearing a mask was reflected onto me in full force this year. When you start seeing how everything and everyone in your environment is of your own creation and coming into your life for karmic reasons, to be a teacher and to mirror back a reflection of everything that is being worked out within yourself, you start seeing the world in a very different light. This year especially I met many people who were wearing a mask. Who were unable to show their true self, their radiant being, their valid relationship status or their utmost pain to me or even the world around them. When finding out, at first I was upset. Then angry. And then sad. I started doubting the integrity of everyone and everything around me, including myself.

Two mornings ago, when reflecting onto all this, it dawned upon me that I myself had been wearing a mask. If not for at least two years already, one lifetime after another after another. And that this mask was reflected upon the people in my life and the people who had been in my life. I was not being honest with the people in my surroundings on who I really was (or who I really saw me as). I was holding myself back severely, for very karmic reasons and own “protective” measures. Whatever reasons these were, I was ultimately hiding a very important aspect of my true soul essence and depriving others of also showing who they truly were. If not on a conscious level, then on an energetic level.

In many, many lifetimes, I had been persecuted, oppressed and made fun of for the beliefs I had held during the hundreds of incarnations on Earth. There were many lifetimes in the dark ages, the medieval ages, in which I was hanged, burnt to the stake or locked in an asylum for speaking my truth and trying to be who I really was. There were also many lifetimes in which I had not done anything wrong “apparently” but during which I had been hated and despised by many people for the high-vibrational being I was and the happiness I held within me. Even during lifetimes before Christ (B.C.) and way before this, I was an eye sore to religious leaders, such as a priest who chopped my head off in front of a crowd in Ancient Greece, for no apparent reason other than to set an example for others (although what kind of example this exactly was still remains a mystery to me until today).

The trauma of never being understood, of being persecuted and of being abused in general runs very deep. It’s been a theme for many lifetimes and this is indeed the lifetime to finally become conscious of all of it and to work through thousands and millions of cases and empower ourselves from it all. Wearing a mask - it has indeed served us very well and even protected us in our previous lifetimes. However, this is not the lifetime to downplay ourselves anymore. To pretend we are one thing when indeed we are so much greater than this. This is the lifetime to get rid of all our masks and protective layers. To peel back all those coats and labels and everything else, that we have accumulated for the sake of pleasing ourselves, our close family and friends, society and more.

By getting rid of our illusionary masks, we are permitting everyone else around us to also shine in the brightest and truest light. To be the most radiant being they can truly be and to show their most brilliant colors. This is our lifetime to be who we were always meant to become. This is our time to shine!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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