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Weekly Oracle Card Pull: Hidden Worlds

Today I am working with the “Oracle Of The Hidden Worlds” and this card came out for the collective. (37) The Mirror: Other lives, past lives, dimensional lives. 37 seems to be coming out a lot during my readings lately. If it has a meaning for some, that would be a double confirmation. For others it can also be an age. It symbolizes a highly fortunate number, especially in partnerships, which can be of a romantic, personal or business nature.

Regardless, the mirror can also mean that trigger reflections might be coming up for some, especially during this very intense Mercury Retrograde. You might find yourself digging through past trauma or wounds, either from this lifetime or others. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it could also be an optimal day for showering yourself in self-love and taking yourself out on a date or dedicating a day just to your own needs.

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