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What Is A Shaman?

What is a shaman? In the simplest definition, a shaman is someone who works with the alternate realities and unseen realm to bring healing forward into the physical reality. A shaman may travel to the spirit world or alternate realities to retrieve power, energy and wisdom that can be used for the betterment of this world. Another aspect of shamanism is working with the natural elements. This is very important. Aside from the well-known natural elements of fire, earth, water and air, Shamans work with what is available to them. Such as stones, rocks, feathers - you name it.

What are alternate realities? Alternate realities are founded on the viewpoint that all life, not just human life, has consciousness. The energy, which infuses that life, empowers the shaman to transmute disease and harmonize imbalance. Such imbalance can manifest on several different layers: The astral, emotional, mind and physical layer. It will first manifest in the unseen realm before it gets to the physical one. It is therefore important to intercept beforehand.

What are some benefits of shamanism and a shamanic healing? Whether you do a shamanic healing on yourself, just like you learn in my shamanic healing course "Be Your Own Shaman," or whether you receive a shamanic healing session and realignment from someone else, there will be certain benefits to it:

  • Clarity: Shamanism can lift depression and clear a person's energy, including any stuck thoughts or entity attachments causing mental dis-orders or mental pain

  • Intuition: Shamanic healings can aid with being in touch with your own inner knowing again and accessing the spirit realm. Your intuition may be heightened after a session or clearing.

  • Empowerment: Shamanism may empower you to walk your own path and move forward in life with clarity, focus and heightened intuition.

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~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. I offer online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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