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What is the real meaning of Gaza?

What is the real meaning behind the word "Gaza"? Could the meaning have anything to do with why it has been under constant attack for decades and even centuries?

Energetically, as already discussed in a different post, the land in which Gaza, Israel, Palestine is on always hold energy. It also stores karma from previous times, such as a few thousand years ago up until now. This means the energy of war, fights and drama does not come out of nowhere. It is simply being carried forward from generation to generation, from tribe to tribe.

Here is a report from a few years ago, in which Gaza locals describe how it has changed over the past few decades already:

"Gaza was an alternate world, detached from the real world. It holds so much history. When you walk in the old town and anywhere, you know it has existed for a long time,

It keeps getting destroyed and rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt.

It looks like a concrete jungle today. A few decades ago it was gardens and orchids. Rich in vegetation and culture. There is less space in Gaza today. The lush orange orchids and green gardens were cut down and sold for homes and houses."

1967 was a pivotal year, as Gaza was taken over and occupied by Israel. And yet before this, it was under Egyptian rule, never fully free in history.

Aside from the Arab meaning, Gaza in Greek actually means: The royal treasury, treasure, riches.

It is also the stage of Samson, David vs. Goliath and other myths mentioned in various old scriptures (including the misleading Bible).

Watch the full video of the Gaza meaning and energetic impact below:

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