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Written Answers To Questions

Please also check the online scheduling link to see what my current offerings are. I offer on a varying basis the following: 

A 1-question-1-answer or 3-question-3-answer reading, during which I channel and write down the answer to the question(s) you have. The answers typically do not replace the 30-minute Zoom reading  and answers tend to be shorter / less elaborate than during a Zoom-call. 


I will answer either one or three questions in writing after channeling as many details that will come through. You can inquire about anything - your life path, the Twin Flame Journey, past lifetimes, Akashic Records, other planetary lives, spirit guides, energetic imbalances in your body (chakra imbalances),... you name it! The answers are insight I receive from my own intuition, spirit and other intuitive hits, that have proven to be accurate in the past.  They can be a great way to answer a few questions you might have to see if my readings resonate. 


Please e-mail me your questions or provide them in the booking form. Answers will be provided within 5-7 days.


PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE STARSEED ORIGINS! Inquiries about Starseed Origins won't be answered with this product, as they are more elaborate and take more time. You can book a Starseed Reading here. 


Prices (in USD): 

1 question:     $44.44

3 questions:   $99.99

Shamanic Reiki Healer
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