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Welcome to Pleiadian Healer

Welcome to my page! If you have come across this page, welcome to this corner of the online world. My name is Laura and this is Pleiadian Healer. Read more about me and what I specialize in here .

Pleiadian Healer is all about connecting your soul to your true purpose and to get deeper to the roots during a psychic reading or healing. I work with with several means, such as my intuition, my psychic insight, several divination methods and more to dig through the Akashic Records, the potential around you, our inner selves, and other intuitive insight when giving a session.

A psychic reading can clarify questions regarding life path, future potentials and outcomes, career, romance, cosmic lineages & Starseed Origins, soul incarnations, karmic contracts and more. 

A Shamanic healing and DNA healing can clear away any trauma stored in the energetic and physical body, retrieve parts of your past selves, make you feel more present and aware in your current body, and do removal work of intrusions, implants, AI overlays, confusion webs (usually around the head) and more. Find more information on the specific types of sessions here. 


I also have courses and teach how to communicate with your soul and how you can tap further into your own intuition and insight or clearly recognize it as such. 

All my sessions are done remotely – be it readings or healings – and clients from all over the world are able to connect in that way. If you have questions regarding your Starseed origins, your cosmic self, your previous lifetimes, your path on Earth or anything else – book a session here.

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