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Time Is A Funny Concept...

Time is a funny concept. One moment you think you have "plenty." In the next, you are running out of time to complete whatever you had set your mind on. As we get older, we have a different relationship with time and our perception thereof. A minute as a child may seem like a never-ending prison sentence in school. Whereas for an adult, it passes by in the blink of the eye when working a full-time job and never having "enough" time.

But what's really the urgency with time? This week I ran into the "time trap." I panicked that it might be too late for something or too early for another. Timing is such a funny thing. Only when we relax and shut the "monkey" brain off, do we see that it almost does not matter and that as creators of our reality the right timing is when it feels right to us or when we make that step towards it.

We can influence time to our liking even and sometimes, when we experience alternate realities, we see that we can stretch out a minute into an hour and vice versa. Currently, our time is being messed with like never before. Time is within us and that's what we may pick up on. There are already people out there reversing their aging as they've discovered the power to influence that aspect of their own time. Let's sit back, take a deep breather and gain control of our own timing again.

Time is an illusion after all.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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