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At every single stage in our lives...

At every single stage in our lives, we die our little deaths. We are dying so many little deaths on a regular basis. We just do not take the time to acknowledge this and work through it in order to integrate these daily deaths on a regular basis. Those little deaths we die make room for something new.

Oftentimes we only notice them when a huge transformation has occurred. Such as a move, breakup, challenge. This is when we take the time to integrate them when in reality we could be integrating them daily.

What would be a good way to integrate your small changes, small deaths, small transformations daily? Taking the time and writing in your journal at the end of the day is one. I once had a friend who would dedicate one page of her journal to each day. I thought this was a fabulous idea.

Thinking about your day and three major highlights you can focus on before bedtime would be another way. Reflection is powerful and it gives us the opportunity to close off the day before we drift off into sleep.

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