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Channeled Alien Message: The Annunaki

A message from my Annunaki guides:

“We are here. We are indeed the Gods that fell from the sky. We have always been here. We have been deeply misunderstood by human misinterpretation, constructs that cannot be seen in the physical realm and self-inflicted doubt and insecurity. Our mission was never to control you. Our purpose was to show you that you too are a God walking on this earth. You are here to rise above the control, manipulation and 3D realm. You are here to bring Heaven onto Earth. Our reptilian brothers and sisters might have also forgotten how powerful they are. However, they too are waking up in masses. They will need as much love as all you other Starseeds to be brought to the next level. We are ALL in this together! With no exceptions. AMen.”

Follow me on my new Youtube channel to find out more about the Annunaki, one of the most powerful alien races there is and perhaps ever will be. Every week I will provide a free video on a different Starseed origin and alien race.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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