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Crystal Beings: Beings Inside of a Crystal

Crystal beings are beings inside of a crystal. The reason you are drawn to looking, wearing or purchasing that specific crystal in a store or wherever you find it most likely has to do with crystal beings and also the healing powers of the crystal. In most cases, crystal beings have entered the crystal eons ago and are from a very different civilization, dimension and vibration. I've had Pleiadian, Sirian, Blue Avian crystal beings inside of my crystals. I've also communicated to crystal beings, who were from the Fifth Dimension and above. They usually are inside the crystal to amplify its healing capacity, connect with you and raise the vibration of the crystal keeper, animals, plants or Earth in general - you name it.

The complexity of the mission of Crystal Beings only mirrors the complexity and vast amount of crystal types that exists on this Planet. Indeed, crystal beings each have their very own mission, however this does not mean that they don't like to communicate with each other. Oftentimes, when you find a crystal drawn to another crystal, this is also because they beings within these crystals want to be placed next to each other to exchange energies, details or just amplify their healing energies and work together for this specific time or instance that they want to be together. The possibility of crystal beings, their purpose and their communication tools is limitless - just like your imagination.

Watch my Youtube video on Crystal Beings here.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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