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Crystal of the Week: Lapis Lazuli (The Blue Earth)

It is finally (!) time to talk about Lapis Lazuli! Everything is happening in divine timing. So is this post on one of the most magnificent gem stones I have ever come across.

This crystal is amazing on all levels. With its vibrant blue colors, it can be easily mixed up with Sodalite. One of the most crucial differences to Sodalite is that Lapis Lazuli has pyrite mixed in it. You can see it here in the golden sparkles, which are glistening in the cold winter sun. Once Lapis enters your life, be prepared for huge transformations to occur. I received not just one but three points of Lapis early on in my crystal journey and I had no idea how it would affect my spiritual path going forward.

Lapis Lazuli resembles the colors of our Planet Earth: The blue is the ocean, and the gray and gold specks are the continents/ landmass. While some people like to use it for their throat chakra, I consider it way more effective in association with the third eye. This gemstone made me access most of my past lives in my first year of awakening. I simply placed it on my third eye chakra, activated my vocal cords, set an intention and I was out - exploring all that I needed to from centuries and decades ago in a matter of minutes.

Lapis Lazuli is gentle but powerful. Do not underestimate its ability to show you the Akashic Records and hidden timelines.

These two pieces especially are showing the treasure hidden deep at your heart. They are uncovering one world after another, unveiling what needs to be seen.

What are your experiences with Lapis Lazuli? Do you currently feel drawn to it?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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