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Crystal of the Week: Sonora Amethyst (Light Code Transmitter)

Sonora Amethyst is not like the average amethyst. Amethyst in general is a master healer – reaching you on all levels and highlighting what needs to be healed first. Sonora Amethyst usually comes in a geode shape. It literally has a form of “skin” around it, meaning it is well protected and shields itself off from the outside world. I didn’t realize how special this crystal was until I started working with it last month.

This particular one was telling me all kinds of stories while meditating with it (let’s be honest, at this point every single crystal is chitchattering away and pouring its little crystal heart out to me). It holds a plentitude of light rays within it and indeed a magnificent landscape opened up to me, ready to explore it more. There is a lot of hidden information inside of this one and when I was working with it for a few days, the outside of the geode started breaking off and crumbling. I was a bit taken aback at first but after asking it what this was about, it revealed to me that it was weighed down by the darkness in the world right now. Since it holds so much light inside of it, it was wanting to throw off its “skin”, help in the ascension cycle and shine its light brightly.

If I am blowing your mind with my crystal transmissions, I want to remind you that you also have this tool inside of you. You have yet to awaken up to your power of communicating with crystals. Crystals are your friends. Always.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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