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Finding Your Tribe: The Time is Now

Thanks for being, thanks for shining, thanks for joining the journey. Thanks for the support, thanks for being awake, thanks for questioning your current reality. Together we are reaching people. Together we are making an impact. Together we are raising the vibration. It took a long time to find this. One’s tribe, one’s community. Feeling one finally does belong. After months, years and decades of feeling the loneliness. Trying to put on shoes which would never fit anyhow. Putting up a facade to others, which could never be held up entirely. Finding oneself - a life-long quest. Creating oneself - the process certainly becomes more interesting as the time passes. People who understand the journey - priceless.

Thanks for being the tribe I’ve been looking for all my life! Thanks for finding to each other again in this lifetime after spending so much time together in previous lifetimes. After walking the lonely walk, after having to stand one’s ground, after being called crazy, unfit and other things by people who would never understand the possibilities of their own world. After having to dim our light for so many lifetimes and years.

Our time is now. We are in it together. Together we can make it.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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