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How Your Life Is a Video Game and You Are the Creator of Your Own Reality

Imagine that everything that is around you now is something you have at one point created yourself. Imagine that you made pre-destined contracts with reincarnated souls, your spirit guides, your team of light, your soulmates, your twin flames, your Starseed family – pretty much anyone of importance, before you entered your virtual reality and self-created life. When the veil was not up yet, you had a clear vision of what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. Be it goals, karma, energetic finetunements, advancements of any sort – you had a blueprint laid out and you were determined to get things done according to it.

You took a good look at all the previous lifetimes you had before, be it earth-bound or non-earth-bound. You were judging yourself very honestly on how much you really accomplished in all of these lifetimes. You came into this life now to get things done. You “hired” so-called guides to lead you on your path and help you out in case you at any point would forget your mission or purpose. This advice would come to you in form of either people crossing your path at the right time, signs catching your eye or other random circumstances, which you would not recognize as signs as the physical being you were but which would shake you to the core or give you a feeling of resonance to some degree. The experiences you chose would all have the same purpose: For you to grow and ascend to the next level. Much like crushing that mushroom in a Super Mario game (which you might still remember). Something as simple as you looking up and discovering a soulmate when the subway doors are closing on you or your salt and pepper shaker falling to the ground and breaking – these are all signs of equal importance and coming from the same source with a similar purpose: For you to awaken and re-evaluate your current situation.

Your body is actually one of the best guides you allowed yourself to have. For example, you having foot pain would be a very minor sign that you are not on your right path. It is usually the first warning sign you give yourself and if you choose to ignore it, the symptoms might get worse. You injuring your foot would be a more major sign that it is now time to step back onto your pre-destined path. You landing in the hospital or being run over by a car would be one of the most major of warning signs for you to finally get your act back together or for you to experience this reality to the fullest of your potential. It might have also been an opportunity for growth and for your resilience to inspire others.

There is only so much your guides can do for you. This is the only planet with free will. If you decide you want to step out of your predestined blueprint and go against all your gut feelings, to work yourself from one job loss to another or experience one illness after another, you are free to do so. You gave yourself plenty of pointers and opportunity among your life path, to set you back onto it or remind you of the magnificent being of light that you are. You created this virtual reality, a video game of life. It is entirely up to you to determine every single outcome, obstacle or growth opportunity that you encounter.

I was recently asked about religious, cultural and ethnical groups. You as a soul chose this specific incarnation for you to grow and experience variety. If you incarnated as a Muslim, Mormon or Christian in this lifetime, it is very likely you were something entirely different in your previous lifetimes. Slave owners turn into slaves, Native Americans turn into White Europeans and vice versa. For you to experience everything, you must go through it all. I have had a fair share of both male and female incarnations. I have also had a fair share of dying relatively early in my life (as a child, a young adult or in my 30ies). When I was a teenager, I was always afraid of dying very soon. I now know it was because I had given myself the opportunity to die young in many of my previous incarnations. Either because I had learned my lesson already or simply because others had tampered with their blueprint and I was not supposed to progress on my path with them anymore. Back then, death was perhaps one of the only options to exit your life in grace and give your soul rest.

We are living the freest of lives nowadays. We are not being burned to the stake for being a “witch”, or ostracized for being homosexual, handicapped or in any way “different” from the societal norms. This lifetime is a breakthrough. The things we can accomplish in today’s age and time are truly mind-blowing. I want to remind you that you chose this very specific incarnation and time for a very specific reason. It was for you to grow in the best possible way and help in Earth’s Ascension process.

I once heard a channeling by the Pleiadians, which mentioned if we mess up in this lifetime, we will have to suffer 1 million lifetimes after this. While I am not a big fan of such predictions, it is safe to say that what we do here now will certainly carry its vibrations out into the universe, to other star systems and galaxies. We carry a great responsibility right now. There was an innumerable amount of souls, who wanted to incarnate to Earth at this point in time. You actually made it through that selection process. You carry this forward. It is up to you to live up to your truest, most vibrant and authentic being, that you hold within in.

Shine on. We are all in this together!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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