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Jesus REAL Birthday, Mary Magdalene & Her Ancestry, Jesus' Crucifixion, The Christ Program & More!

One of my most powerful videos this week, if not of the entire month! What was Jesus' real birthday? Who are Mary Magdalene's descendants and where would they be based? What is the Christ Program? Why do so many people think they are an incarnation of Jesus or Mary Magdalene and whose energy are they riding off of? What kind of portals are Pagan traditions opening up around Easter and why does it impact so many people? Why did Jesus think he was a king, their connection to the giants and more. New video is up on the Youtube.

If you want more content on the real Jesus aka Yeshua, his partner Mary Magdalene and more, let me know. Every time around Easter, Christ-mas and other dates, talking about these things might be able to counteract the massive amount of disinfo that both religious institutions and new agers alike are spreading. Aho!

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer, Shamanic Healer and Practitioner

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