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Stone Of The Royals: Magical Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli - the royal stone. With its royal blue color and mix of pyrite in it, Lapis Lazuli can be quite a spectacular gem. In Ancient Egypt it was considered the King's Stone as it was often embedded in their crown jewels and used when communicating with spirits and ancestors from the other side. This crystal is amazing for connecting with the intuition and sensing things in the unseen realm. It can also be used as a rock of empowerment when worn closely to the heart and throat as a necklace.

Lapis Lazuli must have been one of the first gems I've ever had and I have always been drawn to it. I wear it as a ring when doing healings and giving sessions, as it is one of the most powerful auric protections, aside from garnet and a few others. It is also quite affordable in regards to it. I even wear it as a necklace when traveling, as that is when our auric field can be the most vulnerable, especially when going through the airport scanners and the like.

Do you have a favorite crystal you are drawn to and why?

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