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Tapping Further Into My Costa Rican Past Lifetime: From Indigenous Free Spirit to Slave

In Costa Rica, I had quite the experiences. Read more here and here. After channeling so much about other past lives in other countries, I was certainly wondering what type of past life I had in this country with its rich coasts and luscious jungles. Well, surprisingly, I was not fully able to channel this when I was in the actual country. I had to come back to NY first in order to process all of the intense psychic experiences I was having over my week-long stay in Central America. The moment I sat in my favorite meditation spot again and opened myself up to it, I started receiving the downloads.

I saw myself as a young indigenous male. I was peacefully lying beneath beautiful trees in the Costa Rican jungle. I was in tune with everything – the nature, the animals, the people, my tribe. At one point this vision shifted. All of a sudden some dark clouds filled the sky and the anger and fear came. White people, or rather the Spanish people, took over. We were their slaves. I spent the rest of this lifetime slaving away and becoming an object of amusement to these new settlers. At one point I was thrown inside a barrel, with open cages. That’s the best way I can describe my vision. I was caught in it and thrown down a waterfall (most likely like the one you see). By being trapped in this wooden barrel, I broke my back and drowned miserably but at least I was free and one with nature again.

On the last day of my recent trip, my back actually started hurting violently. It wasn’t until I was back home and started working with it and through it, that this past lifetime came through. While it was traumatizing to vividly see my indigenous life turning into that of a slave and losing all my freedom, it was much necessary to process it right here and now. This certainly explains the odd vibrations I was getting from certain people and places. Costa Rica is a very high-vibrational place but sometimes things just seemed off. With a slave history like this – it is truly no wonder. So much hurt, karma and death – time to work through it and heal the land of richness and natural beauty.

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