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The Akashic Tarot: Archangel Michael

In this blog post we will discuss Archangel Michael, which is the ninth card of the Major Arcana.

The Archangel Michael card is the ninth card in the Major Arcana of the Akashic Tarot. I do not work with the angels, archangels or other entities and angelic beings (read the separate blog post here). I also do not call in Spirit misguides and other mischievous entities. However, I still read the archangel cards in this deck. Just in my very own specific way. The intuitive meaning of the card is as follows:


Upright Meaning:

When the Archangel Michael card comes out upright, this is an ultimate reminder of your own power and strength. This card symbolizes not only your outer power, but also your inner power and protective abilities. The keyword for this card is "Protection." The card depicts Archangel Michael (as a young-ish man with long, flowing hair). He has a flaming heart on his chest and also two children around him. The boy is reaching his hands out to the man whereas the girl, who appears to be a few years older than the boy, is hugging the man's hip but does not seem as dependent upon him as the boy. Two huge white angel wings extend beyond this man. The scene seems to take place in nature or a forest-like setting. Since Archangel Michael can also be seen as the protector of children, children may very well be involved when this card is pulled. The flaming heart may be an insinuation towards healing matters of the heart, too. Although the main meaning of the card is not necessarily that.

Overall, the meaning is about you discovering your own inner power, strength and resilience. Perhaps this is also a sign that protection is currently needed. This could be in a situation you find yourself in or from people who do not wish you well (friends, coworkers, relatives, family, the online world or other random psychic attacks). The card animates you to find your own power within. Now is an auspicious time to dig deeper into it and to come out of a situation in a more empowering and empowered way than ever before.

In addition, if you are surrounded by children, have your own children or are somehow working and affected by your own or other people's children, this is a double meaning card to pay attention to the kids. Perhaps they need your advice, protection or someone to look up to and be inspired by.


Perhaps the person you are wondering about is in need of all your strength. Maybe you are inspiring him or her from afar and they really admire your strong personality. Or they are slowly empowering themselves from a toxic situation. In addition, if they have children, their children are also involved in their lives and whatever (karmic) situation they find themselves to be a part of. The kids may play a bigger role than you thought, so pay attention when this card comes out.

Overall meaning:

A great time to reconnect with your own inner power, strength and resilience and to protect yourself from outside circumstances.


Reverse Meaning:

When the Archangel Michael card comes out in reverse, this may be a sign that you have lost touch with your inner power, resilience and strength. In addition, you may need extra (psychic or physical) protection and forces to keep you safe. Your world may be in a turmoil due to some outward circumstances, breakups or trauma. However, don't let this affect you or get to you too much. You are stronger than you or anyone around you could ever imagine.

Connecting with your own inner power is of essence right now. Tune down the noise, mind chatter and naysayers around you and do your best to do just that. You got this!


What exactly is the Akashic Tarot? The Akashic Tarot deck was designed by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. It is a 62-card deck with five different focal points: The Major Arcana and four Minor Arcanas. This tarot card deck directly connects you with your intuition and is open to interpretation by anyone willing to expand their awareness and tapping into the higher force, abundance and wisdom of your own personal inner knowing. The name also implies a connection to your own, personal Akashic Records.

Learn the meanings of all cards of the Akashic Tarot individually here. This will give you more clarity on how to read these cards and work with this deck.

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