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The Akashic Tarot: The Major Arcana

In this blog post, we will go through the Major Arcana of the Akashic Tarot.

Just like in the traditional tarot, the Akashic Tarot consists of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has 22 cards. The Minor Arcana consists of 4 suites (scrolls, roses, forces, keys) with 40 cards altogether.

What is the meaning behind the Major Arcana? As the name "major" already implies, these cards are all about major life changes and things impacting our lives. Whereas the minor arcana usually has to do with changeable and varying situations, moods, feelings, people, circumstances and outer interferences, the major arcana focusses on us and what is really going on for us when we pull the cards. The Major Arcana addresses the essence of being. However, it is important to note that it goes well together with the Minor Arcana, to get more details about a situation or people surrounding it. The Major Arcana emphasizes the daily knowing of the divine within us and around us. It also is all about major life lessons. When more Major Arcana cards come through than minor ones, this sets the tone for the entire reading.

The 22 cards mentioned below will give important messages from our soul. However, unfortunately this deck also includes cards on the Archangels. These will be discussed as we go along. I do no work with any of these dubious (some call them demonic!) angelic forces. There is a different way to interpret these specific cards in a more self-empowering way. Click on those card meanings specifically, if you are interested in what meaning I would give them.

The Major Arcana has 22 cards, which are the following. You can click on each card individually to get its full meaning, both upright and in reverse:

16. Caught in the Ruins

17. The Lookout

18. Up in the Air

19. Reflection

20. Will, Wisdom And Mind

21. Uriel and the Sphinx

22. Adsum

What exactly is the Akashic Tarot? The Akashic Tarot deck was designed by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. It is a 62-card deck with five different focal points: The Major Arcana and four Minor Arcanas. This tarot card deck directly connects you with your intuition and is open to interpretation by anyone willing to expand their awareness and tapping into the higher force, abundance and wisdom of your own personal inner knowing. The name also implies a connection to your own, personal Akashic Records.

Learn the meanings of all cards of the Akashic Tarot individually here. This will give you more clarity on how to read these cards and work with this deck.

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