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The Akashic Tarot: The Akashic Library Card

In this blog post we will discuss The Akashic Library, which is the second card of the Major Arcana.

The Akashic Library card is the second card in the Major Arcana of the Akashic Tarot. This is actually one of my most favorite cards of the deck. The intuitive meaning of the card is as follows:


Upright Meaning:

When the Akashic Library card comes out upright, it is a good reminder of the spiritual wisdom that resides within you. This card depicts a man sitting at an ancient library, surrounded by old and thick book, which look like they are filled with a lot of wisdom and contain a lot of secrets to this world. This man seems immersed in his studies, or at least reading a few books, which he has stacked up next to him. These books are of various different sizes and possibly topics. He is writing down notes in one book with a feather during a candle-lit atmosphere. It is possibly late at night, implying he is fully focused on his outcome and his studies.

When this card comes out, you might see yourself in the person shown in this card. Regardless of your gender, you may feel you are already immersed in studies or that you are about to learn something entirely new. This can be actual studies, such as going to school, college or starting a new career in something and having to read books and material on it. This can also be spiritual studies or in general immersing yourself deeper into the studies of your own self (such as psych-ology) and why it is you do what you do.

When this card comes out, you are at the entryway of a powerful time in your life. Not only are you now fully ready to step into a new role, thus implying unlimited potential and outcomes in your life for the time forward. But you are also ready to take responsibility for the path ahead by proactively taking action and immersing yourself into the studies of your own nature and self. This can also be wound-clearing, shamanic journeying and healing anything, which may be affecting you from the past. Due to the obvious name, you might even feel inclined to dig into your own Akashic Records and discover some relevant past lives for yourself. Either way, a potent and powerful spiritual time is opening up to you when you pull this card.

In some instances, this card can also symbolize legal situations and legal matters. Due to the books stacked up and the person doing research, this may indicate preparing for a court case or overall just a legal situation of any matter.

It is now a great time to set your manifestations, wishes and declaration statements.


If you are in a relationship with a man or someone with male energy, this card may show you what your love interest or counterpart is up to. This could mean he is immersed in his own spiritual studies or studies of any nature. It can also mean he is hermitting away a bit and avoiding other people (perhaps even including you!), as he is at the very beginning of a new and exciting journey. The journey to his own self.

Overall meaning:

Your connection to your true self, past lives and Akashic Records is potent right now. It is up to you to grab this opportunity and make the most of it.


Reverse Meaning:

When the Akashic Library card comes out in reverse, this may be a sign that you have

neglected your studies or neglected listening to your own desires and inner voice. Unlike the first card of this deck, this card shows a neglect of not finding enough time to sit down, journal your thoughts and ideas down. This could have several reasons. Procrastination is indeed a form of self-sabotage, as it showcases fear of failure. Another reason may be that you are distracted by other activities, events or people in your life and giving them priority over your own dreams. In the long run, you want to make sure to take the time to sit down, research your or a situation and to find that connection to your inner power again. Before things get out of hand.


What exactly is the Akashic Tarot? The Akashic Tarot deck was designed by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. It is a 62-card deck with five different focal points: The Major Arcana and four Minor Arcanas. This tarot card deck directly connects you with your intuition and is open to interpretation by anyone willing to expand their awareness and tapping into the higher force, abundance and wisdom of your own personal inner knowing. The name also implies a connection to your own, personal Akashic Records.

Learn the meanings of all cards of the Akashic Tarot individually here. This will give you more clarity on how to read these cards and work with this deck.

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