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Weekly Tarot: Spirit Animal Medicine Deck

I pulled some cards from the medicine card oracle and these four popped out. Turkey - in need of compassion and showing love to others. Turkey is one of the most loving and kind animals. Each and every year it is killed in masses for the Thanksgiving feasts but it still chooses to trust mankind and believe in the good over and over again.

Raven - end of one era and the start of a new one. Raven symbolizes the ending of something and the foreshadowing of such. It might bring with it grief, although it does not have to. Raven is one of the oldest and wises omens and it is very connected to the winter skies.

Dolphin - time for a playful period. Make sure to carve out some time for play and doing things you love and enjoy. This could involve water, but does not have to. The dolphin is also infinitely connected to Ancient Lemuria and Ancient Atlantis on a soul level and a reminder that you have lived through those times.

Prairie Dog - curiosity. Bring curiosity into the situation and your current life circumstance. Prairie dog likes to work with partners and explore new things, at the same time it tends to be flighty and almost anxious to get away. Work with the qualities of prairie dog to use this time in your life for exploration.

These messages do not go according to the medicine cards guidebook but my own intuition.

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With love,

Laura from Pleiadian Healer


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