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The Real Lionsgate: Portal of The Biggest Suffering, Sacrifice And Execution!

What is the REAL Lion's Gate Portal? It has a pretty dark background, involves Jesus and his crucifixion, the worship of dark rituals and the use of dark magic.

It is my favorite time of the year: Debunking the Lion's Gate Portal! Each and every year this concept is being pushed by the new age trap community. And since 2020 I've been consistently getting those words, videos and messages out on how it is one of the biggest and also most dangerous New Age deceptions out there.

One of the most blatant lies is that Sirius, the Sun and Earth supposedly align up during this time. This is absolute bogus! It is astrologically impossible for such an event to occur each and every year at the same time. Similar to how Mercury Retrograde never happens in the same month and time frame either. Just one of many "innocent" lies the New Cage tries to feed you.

So this year I am starting early as I know once the New Age and also mainstream media start promoting something, the wild ride of deceptions and lies is just going to get murkier and muddier. Lots of people need to hear about the real meaning of this dangerous portal. In my first of three videos this year, I go through how the real Lion's Gate means something entirely different and how it is actually the portal to THE biggest suffering, sacrifice and execution.

The Lion's Gate is the name of a gate, portal and street in the old town of Jerusalem. This is the exact same gate through which Yeshua, better known as Jesus, walked when exiting the Garden of Gethsemane on his way to his own execution. The Garden of Gethsemane was where Yeshua spent his last hour as a free person in Jerusalem. Until he was murdered by Romans and by orders of some higher-up Jewish clans alike. When he entered Jerusalem, he entered through the Lion's Gate. From here he walked down Via Dolorosa (Street of sorrow and suffering) to the courthouse. Eventually he carried his own cross along the same street to his own crucifixion. A more detailed post is to follow on what really transpired, how the energy of Jerusalem felt, where his possible tomb location was and more.

The message for now is - why does the New Age see the need to call an event the same name that was given to Jesus' murder and sacrifice? Before 2012 the Lionsgate Portal was simply not a thing. Not a single word about it can be found in any literature beforehand. The few mentions you can find have nothing to do with the August 8th date but rather Jesus's crucifixion and a few other things. I will discuss these in the weeks to come as we approach the fatal date and draw closer to it. For now I want to leave you with the video down below.

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