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Too Woo Woo, Too Spacey, Too Crazy , Too Much for Y'All: How I Learned to Empower Myself

Too woo woo, too spacey, too alien, too crazy, too out there. Too loud, too arrogant, too superior, too nosy, too much of everything! I have been called many things on my spiritual journey and especially over the past 1 1/2 years, when I really accelerated my growth and tapped into the full beingness of myself.

This entailed leaving many people behind, a fact that hurt more than once. Voodoo Hooloo, crazy witch, weird girl – all of these random expressions that were thrown in my face and uttered behind my back (which I found out about anyways). What I have learned is this: What others think of you just shows the limitations of their minds you are dealing with. It is also a perfect reflection of your own insecurities and perhaps something you need to work on, work with and work through. Especially when starting out as a healer and psychic, the pushback was real. Be it when giving Reiki healings to people and sharing the insights I received during a session. Or explaining the essence of crystal beings to someone and then being looked at like a maniac. Talking about aliens, spaceships, underground tunnels, conspiracy theories (/facts) - too much for some people, not enough for others.

Or promoting my Cosmic Alliance clothing line and being completely dissed by an older yogi, who pointed out that our vibrations won’t ever be raised by wearing a “lousy piece of cloth.” All of these instances just led me to believe more in myself. The less people believed in me and my abilities, my visions and who I represented, the more I was forced to find my own truth and go within. The more I went within, the deeper down the rabbit hole I went. There were days and weeks, where I did not contact a single soul, because I was so discouraged by their energies and the possible outcome of having yet another friendship break apart. Then there were occasions, where I was in a group with so-called friends, which turned out so awful, that I decided to end the night early and leave them behind forever. Once you step onto your own path, you cannot compromise anymore. Be as woo woo, as spacey, as alien as you want. The people you need in your life won’t let you down. It’s more about the people that have been lying to themselves for so long, that usually don’t want you around anymore. The darkness cannot exist when the light comes through.

I am tired of the narrow mindedness of people who claim to be “of the light” and just turn out to be a “false” light or who never did the shadow work to comprehend what exactly it is, that is holding them back in themselves (just look at the entire John of G*d scandal, a story in and of itself). We are already getting so much backlash from people who are not in our community that we surely do not need any backlash coming from within this community. It is unfortunate, but not everyone will be on your side. Some people are there just to make money off you or to try to sell you an expensive booth at an expo, which will essentially never draw the right people to you. Others see you as shining way too brightly and will try to attack you with all the crafty means they have learned during their “dark” magic days.

Being called too woo woo essentially means one thing: You are younique. As simple as that. You have the courage to stand up for the beliefs you embody and to fully step into your own power and who you truly think you are. The more I started speaking my truth, the more these lower vibrations detached from me and the more I started attracting “my tribe”: People, who were also “ostracized” from this society or who cannot make much sense of teachings, that have been taught for so long but are not resonating with this new wave of light. It is one thing to learn from someone, who has been in his craft for decades. It is another to make sense of why they think outdated practices are still ok and who never want to evolve into something new. I literally cannot imagine the amount of work it took for these people to pave their path through the dense, dense reality before 2012 and even the years following. But they have my utmost respect. However, I can also see how it has taken a toll on them and expressing themselves authentically.

We are in the middle of so much confusion and chaos already, what we need is a solid foundation to connect to, not a group of people, who will never get us anyways. Nowadays I see it almost as a compliment, when a “normal” person looks at me with worries in their eyes as soon as I mention aliens, spaceships, underground tunnels and more. It’s time to wake up and stand in your light and to fully embody the path you set out for yourself way before entering this life! Be as crazy as you need to be but at least be yourself.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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