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Trust Your INtuition - ALWAYS!

Trust your intuition - ALWAYS! We are currently experiencing a large portion of infiltration. If something doesn't feel right about a situation, a person, a word, a sentence, a message - trust yourself. Go within, tap into your inner wisdom, connect with your INtuition, your higher self and your deepest understanding and knowing, that is INnate to you. Your INtuition is your inner guidance system. When you stop listening to your intuition, your soul will give you messages in means through dis-eases (cancer, auto-immune disorders etc. are strong soul messages and one of the last resorts your soul uses for you to finally pay attention), disasters (accidental happenings, which could also be part of your soul contracts) and more. People who are tapped in, know this, people who aren't, like to reject these ideas until it comes back full-force into their energy fields.

What is currently happening and some things I talk about in my most recent videos are: Psychic attacks onto not just lightworkers but high-vibrational souls who are not yet awakened, Twin Flame attacks and literal trying to "de-program" the two parts of another being's soul (more on this in another post or video), voodoo, light language attacks through other people's video and the misuse of souls, who are not conscious about this and whose bodies are used for entities to enter through their bodies and souls and who then attack other lightworkers by passive-aggressively targeting them or posting triggering posts to confuse the general collective overall. I will go deeper into these topics as time passes but rest assured that your INner wisdom, your INtuition will be the one thing you need to start listening to in order to discern what is yours and what is not. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated below!

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