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Were You Persecuted In Previous Lifetimes? Deleting, Blocking And Cutting You Off Explained

When people delete your comments, block your profile or ignore your messages purposefully, they are directly and indirectly silencing you, cutting you off and preventing you from speaking your truth and wisdom. These are also the people that have laughed at you in previous lifetimes when you were tortured in public, who have seen you being burnt to the stake as a "witch" in the medieval ages, who have made sure you were nailed to the cross during Jesus times, who have stoned you in ancient days or have in some form or another been a part of subjugating you, of "ratting you out" to their rulers (such as kings and queens they were subordinate to) or enforced the concept of slavery and chains upon you and also others in previous re-incarnations.

When a person is too terrified of you speaking out against them or simply doesn't have the capacity to comprehend your truths and needs to shut these off by deleting and blocking you, on an energetic level they feel that they are being threatened by you. This "threat" to their energy field is that of you standing in your light so strongly and shining that enlightenment onto all of their hidden, darker sides, which they have been up until that point successfully ignoring, despite their souls giving them a physical dis-ease, any discomfort, the experience of an abusive relationship etc.

A lot of this is going on not only in the spiritual community (huge ego gurus and also the "smaller" lightworkers are a part of this each and every day) but you might have also witnessed this among friends and family over the most recent years, too. I myself have been "silenced" plenty of times over these past few days and years and I have also been blocked by people who claim to "stand in the light" but then are also married to an abusive spouse, can't lift their businesses off the ground, are neglecting themselves and their children because they are so frustrated with their current circumstances etc.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Right now, everything that is not aligned, must go. If these people have not removed themselves from your profiles yet, they are being systematically removed energetically and also physically, as we simply won't tolerate anyone or anything anymore, who is psychically attacking us through other entities that have entered their bodies or who are influenced by AI, clones and other people out of integrity. Whether or not these individuals are consciously aware of what is going on, is irrelevant. Once someone has been compromised and infiltrated by these energies, it's hard to turn it around unless they gain their heart awareness again (as mentioned in my previous post Heart Awareness: Remembering The Heart And Compassion).

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