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Beware the Lionsgate Portal! The Dark New Age Agenda Behind The Date (DANGER!)

Beware the Lion's Gate Portal! The Dark New Age Agenda Behind The 8-8 Date (DANGER!)

The Lionsgate Portal is right around the corner - one of the biggest New Age deceptions and lies, which the New Age community continues to feed their followers every single year. The "auspicious" portal and date of 8-8 is supposedly the date on which Earth, the Sun and the star Sirius aligns - but that is NOT the date.

Those three components do not even align on this day and any basic astrologer would be able to tell you so. Instead, the mass meditations and intentions are opening up a plethora of portals with a dark agenda. These are then used harvest your energy, put blockages on your psychic insight and they are meant to drag you into the hell realm.


What is up with the Lionsgate Portal?

For the past few years, the hype around the Lionsgate Portal has been steadily increasing. What was once a topic, which could only be found on a few select New Age channeler accounts, can now even be read about in mainstream articles. Such as those featured by Glamour, New York Post and others. I for one know for certain that once a hype reaches mainstream and extends beyond several categories, there is something fishy going on with it. And of course there is an agenda, which ties into it. But what exactly is going on with the Lionsgate Portal and why is it all bogus?

According to mainstream belief, August 8th is the day the sun, Sirius and Earth align, opening up a "cosmic" portal to tap into these "potent" energies the most. New Agers are then supposed to use this "auspicious" time of year to manifest their life's desires and "harness" the portal's energies to their advantage. Some New Agers even believe this portal is readily accessible from July 26th to August 12th, finding a climax point in August 8th.

But here is the catch: The Lionsgate Portal makes no sense for the following reasons:

  • 8/8 is NOT the date (astrologically verifiable!)

  • It was unheard of before 2012

  • We had a calendar change to the Gregorian calendar

  • The entire numerology is therefore off

8/8 is NOT the date:

It is always surprising how many people fall for an event, a date or a number without doing the ACTUAL research. Instead they believe what others are saying and take the information for granted. For a date and occurrence that is easily verified by an astrologer, no one seems to have actually pulled up a chart and looked into this other than a few select astrologers. These astrologers themselves are now making it their mission to debunk the Lionsgate Portal and get the word out there. According to these astrologers August 8th is NOT the date the alignment of Sirius, the Sun and Earth happens. Indeed, the date is so off that it leaves you scratching your head and wonder what is really behind all this hype and the agenda. Some astrologers believe the actual alignment happens closer to the US-American Independence Day (read more about the background of this day here). This would be around July 5th to 7th. What works in its favor is that Sirius is a fixed star and has similar dates every year.

Others, including myself, believe if the alignment where to really happen, then it would most likely fall on a completely different date each year. Similar to how your own solar return and 10 hours of power never occur at the exact same time (read more here). Or how our Mercury Retrogrades greatly differ in dates every year. Whatever the answer is, August is NOT the date and therefore you must ask yourself why the August 8th date is being pushed over and over again, similar to other portal dates and events, which the New Age deceptions likes to emphasize (such as 11-11, 7-7 etc.).

It was unheard of before 2012:

Another crucial aspect is that there is no literature that can be found before the year 2012 - at all! The most common mentions seem to be popping up in 2014 and beyond. But there is not a single piece of writing, blog post, video or anything that can be found about the Lionsgate Portal before 2012. December 2011 is supposedly when the world came to an end - according to the old Mayan calendar. This was also the time when most New Age deceivers started coming about and preaching about the 5D ascension trap, how new and old earth are splitting and moving away from each other - and all those things.

From the years 2016 and 2018 on you will be able to find most of the literature, posts and blog posts about the Lionsgate Portal concept. How come - if this concept is imperative and has seemingly existed for thousands of years, like the New Age makes you believe? Odd, since it wasn't even around a decade ago and people have been perfectly fine without it in their lives beforehand. But please go ahead - do your own research on it and see if you can find any articles mentioning it before 2012. The only piece of literature I was able to dig up from the 1990ies approximately was a book on the "Lion's Path" - but no emphasis on the August date was made and it was about something different. Moreover, it had a correlation to the Horus story, which is interesting, since the name "Lionsgate" is also in reference to the Jesus story and there are similarities between both stories.

Our calendar changed in 1582...

... and with this calendar change also came about an entirely new numerology. In 1582 our calendar system was switched. Most of Europe was under the Julian calendar but this changed in that year. It was then that the switch to the Gregorian calendar occurred. Not only did the calendar get an entirely new name. Our months changed, too. The Julian calendar had 10 months. The original eighth month of the year would have been Oct-ober (octo = eight). Not August. Therefore, perhaps the real date would be closer to 10/10 or 10/8 - if one does believe in that. October has not much in common with August, the dog days that occur during this time frame and many other things people are saying about the Lionsgate Portal.

When the switch occurred, we got 12 months instead of the 10 previous ones. And a few more things changed, such as our actual New Year and other things. You can already see how an 8/8 date gets more and more confusing the deeper we dig into this. As a result of all this...

...the numerology changed!

New Agers love their double dates and double digits. They also love to make up a cute and convenient story that goes with it to keep the masses from abandoning them and see through their bs. With a complete calendar makeover and numerology, it is easy to see how nothing adds up, including the 8/8 date. If the Lionsgate Portal really were this "ancient" as it is being said to be, people in the medieval ages and before must have surely heard about it. Doubtful with the old and new numbers we are now working with.

So what is really the agenda behind the Lionsgate Portal and why is it pushed left and right? For people not to question it but obey it?

The Dark Agenda behind the Lionsgate Portal?

We have already established how nothing really makes sense and the mass hysteria incited by this portal. What appears to be an "innocent" concept is not so innocent anymore once you actually start questioning it. It can therefore be assumed that there is a much deeper and darker agenda behind this 8/8 date.

Instead of "love and light," this date and name is used for:

  • Dark rituals by the controllers

  • A reminder of Jesus (Yeshua's) last walk

  • Lionsgate movie company - epitome of freemasonry

Dark masonic rituals?

The controllers, freemasons, elite - call them whatever you want. They love to use numbers, which are either satanic in nature, "magical" for sheep followers or have double digits. Seeing how August 8th is clearly on the rise not only in the New Age but also the mainstream, it is not hard to see how this date is part of their agenda. With the word "gate" and "portal" also having meanings, this all adds up.

When you hear people participating in the Lionsgate Portal events, mass meditations or overall giving their energy to this date, you also hear about them experiencing the following symptoms:

Fatigue, depletion, extreme exhaustion, hangover, simply being out of it, not being in their "own" energy - the horror stories go on. One New Ager even proudly reported on her social media account she felt like she was hit by a truck during last years' event. Does this sound like "of the light"? Precisely not. Instead, your energy is being syphoned off, psychic blocks and walls are built up around you and you are also having most if not all of your psychic energy highjacked.

Yeshua's last walk on his way to the crucifixion?

After having visited Jerusalem myself earlier this year, I can confirm it exists! The Lionsgate is the gate Yeshua (the man who lived, not the highjacked name of "Jesus") walked through on his way from the Garden of Gethsemane to the court house. Here he was tried and then forced to carry his own cross along the Via Dolorosa - the street of immense suffering, pain and sacrifice. This is not coming from a religious standpoint. No, Jesus did not die "for your sins" - he was viciously murdered by Romans and Jews alike (more about it here and in a future post to come).

Interesting how the New Age likes to name one of their largest energy vampire and feast days according to a sacrifice one of the most spiritual teachers of our time made 2,000 years ago... Or is this not a coincidence?

Lionsgate Movie Company?

In addition to all the aforementioned, there is another slight "issue" with the name: The masonic movie company "Lionsgate." This is also the company, which came up with the hunger games and other movies, in which it is all about keeping the masses asleep, survival of the fittest and so on. Another random coincidence? Not really.

Watch the full video explaining it all here:

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