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Crystal of the Week: Elestial Smoky Quartz

This piece of smoky quartz found its way to me last month, about a week before I left New York. It always fascinates me, after having kept more than 300 crystals, how each crystal is still so unique and precious with its very own story and purpose. This gem is ancient and has some very treasured codes and activations stored.

The barcodes you see here are the portals to discover such codes and memories on your own and you are able to retrieve these in a few ways. You can either meditate with this crystal, rub your fingers across the codes or tune into them by intently gazing at them and the inside of a crystal.

If you don’t connect to a crystal right away in the beginning, don’t lose hope and motivation. Practice is the key. In addition to setting the intent of what you’d like to know when working with your crystal and also just letting the crystal work it’s very own magic.

When giving readings and channelings, this smoky quartz has been my best friend lately. It also has a gentle, grounding energy to it. I’ve connected with very ancient memories of Atlantis, Lemuria and other past lives when working with this stone.

Find out a few more practical ways on how you can connect with your crystal in my latest YouTube video. Enjoy!

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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