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Debunking the Lionsgate Portal: The Real Symbolism Behind It! (Dark!)

Debunking the Lion's Gate Portal and its real symbolism behind it. Warning: Dark symbolism is being used.

The Lionsgate Portal is right around the corner - one of the biggest New Age deceptions and lies, which the New Age community continues to feed their followers every single year. The "auspicious" portal and date of 8-8 is supposedly the date on which Earth, the Sun and the star Sirius aligns - but that is NOT the date.

Those three components do not even align on this day and any basic (or hobby!) astrologer would be able to tell you so. Instead, the mass meditations and intentions are opening up a plethora of portals with a dark agenda. These are then used harvest your energy, put blockages on your psychic insight and they are meant to drag you into the hell realm.

This article will give a better understanding of what type of symbols are being used and how they go back to the Freemasons.


Who are the Freemasons?

According to the official version you will find online, the Freemasons date back to the medieval ages, hundreds of years ago. But in actuality they go back even further than this and were most likely around during King Solomon times, which was approx. around the year 1,000 BC. Possibly they existed even before this.

The name "Freemason" derives from a former job called the stonemason. Hundreds of years ago, this would have been a person who cuts, prepares and builds with stones. Over time, the Freemasons built up a reputation for being a community, similar to a fraternity, and only accepting certain members into their worldwide group. In addition, there are certain rituals a new member and members of various other degrees have to undergo to become a part of the Freemason community and remain an integral part of this society. The degrees vary - some say it is only 1, 2 and 3 degrees. However, I have met people who claimed to have been a 33rd degree Freemason. There must be different ways in how degrees are defined depending on which city or country one is in.

Why are the Freemasons "bad"?

For reference, the Illuminati are considered to be a branch of the Freemasons. This part was formed around 300 years ago - according to the official version. The Illuminati are said to govern the world and many of America's founding fathers and presidents were defined as Freemasons or Illuminati (more on the 4th of July history here). They are also the ones who want society to have a one-world global currency, have every aspect of our lives turned into AI and ultimately be more powerless than they already think we are.

Anyone who glorifies the Freemasons or sees nothing wrong with them has either not done the research or simply does not know better. In order to remain a Freemason, certain rituals, gatherings and other ceremonies are necessary. Freemason symbols and masonic symbolism can be found in almost every aspect of our public lives. You can find them in and around government buildings, printed onto our money bills, engraved in the logos of most movie companies... You can find them plastered all over advertisements, commercials, phones - you name it.

Not only do these symbols have a meaning to fellow Freemasons and of course Illuminati members. But they also tend to put the general public in a form of mass hypnosis or spell. Energetically, when we watch these movies, ads, commercials and so forth, we are giving our consent and it takes a lot to wake up from all this and take our power and consent back. By giving consent to this reality, we have also inadvertently given our energetic okay to the worldwide lockdowns, the further enslavement, the AI-conversion of our society and many things we see nowadays. In an equal manner, we can revoke this consent and not give our power to it anymore but it takes a lot of strength, awakening and questioning to live a life like this day in and out. Our power is another thing Freemasons would love to have.

What is the Masonic Symbolism found in the Lionsgate Portal?

The most common one is that of the lion. The lion itself has been on medieval age weaponry in the creepiest of ways. For example, in some you see 3-4 lions sticking their tongues out at each other as if they were entity possessed or demons themselves. I saw this personally in castles all over Germany in the summer of 2022, when I visited Schwetzingen Schlossgarten and Koblenz Burg. You can also find stone statues of lion heads. In addition to lion symbols all over flags, such as in one of the old England flags, the Scottish flag and else.

Why the lion? The lion is not an animal that is native to Europe. At all! It is very clear that it comes from the Middle East or Africa, as this is where you would have found it on its native ground. An animal that is more native to Europe, specifically Germany and other parts, would have been a bear, wolf, deer, rabbit - anything there-like. It is therefore even more surprising to find the lion in various forms and depictions plastered all over the weaponry, flags, and furniture of medieval-age Europe. Of course it is often argued by tour guides that this is simply because the lion symbolizes strength and power. But there seems to be much more behind this than that oversimplified explanation.

In addition, as already mentioned in a few articles beforehand, the Lion's Gate is one of the seven gates surrounding Jerusalem - the world's holiest city. It is through this gate that Jesus aka Yeshua walked his last walk from the court house to the crucifixion. The gate was named this way around the 1400s. This was also in the medieval ages. Beforehand it may have had another name. Some argue it was called the sheep gate, herding the sheep to the slaughterhouse. However, it being renamed into the Lion's Gate shows the strong masonic connection, which the powers at the time had. Nothing occurs randomly and there is always a symbology found behind a name.

In addition, you will the Lion's Gate in many major cities all over Europe. It is because these cities are governed by the Freemasons and are used as a form of recognition and also spell-casting onto the masses walking those streets.

What are other common Freemason symbols?

The most common one would be a compass with the letter "G" engraved in it. And in some Freemason circles, this compass features a lion's head! How much more obvious can it be that this symbol is a true Freemason symbol used over and over again as a form of recognition and taunting of the masses?

The beehive is another symbol, which is being used by the Freemasons. In 2022 I had mentioned in a video how the beehive symbol was used in China when a megacity of apartment complexes was built. The entire structure housed more than 10,000 people and resembled a huge beehive. This structure was the most controlled living situation ever seen and once trapped in it, people seemed under the control of whoever controlled the apartment complex.

Too many coincidences to believe in those at this point.

Watch the full video explaining it all here:

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