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Entity Attachments Working Through Compromised Souls?

Entity attachments working through compromised souls: Entity attachments can enter both empty vessels and compromised souls - they take what they can get. Entity attachments are huge, not just in the spiritual community but also in all other walks of life, especially when you deal with people who like to drink alcohol, abuse substances, are blinded by the prospects of power, financial gain, material success and more. I cannot emphasize over and over again how important it is to become aware of an entity attaching to someone or even yourself. The attachment could be the reason this person is lashing out at you or others.

Or the reason that you feel you need to lash out at someone, as it feeds off of anger, worry, concern and other lower-vibrational emotions and feelings. Entity attachments are so huge, that if you are unable to discern what you are really experiencing and going through is your own or something that has latched onto you, it can be the reason for things going wrong and you and your life spiraling down a road you didn't even know existed. Entity attachments are able to ruin a person's life, to possess their spirit and body. It can mostly be seen in their eyes, but oftentimes in their auric fields, as well.

Sometimes, when we like someone very much, such as a love partner, a relative or close friend, it is hard for us to comprehend that they have attachments on them. However, it doesn't change the fact that they do. Most of the time, this entity will try to get to you, as well, as they feed their way through the "available" bodies.

When is the last time you've experienced an entity attachment?

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