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Hindsight Is Always Crystal Clear! Life Sometimes Is Not.

Hindsight is always crystal clear. Life sometimes is not. Have you ever been in a situation where in hindsight it all made sense but while walking through it you could not figure out why life was throwing you so many curve balls, downsides, failures and more?

The biggest lesson in hindsight for me were my six months in Australia right before the pandemic. For the heck of it I couldn’t figure out why my last month was going horribly (aside from the amazing people I met), why I wasn’t making the progress I had wanted to and why my goals all of a sudden went up in smoke. A dream almost six years in the making was about to crumble and the more I held on to it, the more it felt like a nightmare. Then the bush fires happened. And then the pandemic. And it all made sense to me why I was not meant to stay but rather get myself to a space that felt more like home and safer. There are so many lessons I learned on the other side of the world and still up until today I wished I had seen New Zealand, Tasmania and other places while I was on that side of the globe. But in hindsight I knew there were other things waiting for me elsewhere.

What was your biggest lesson to date and how did you cope with it in the moment and in hindsight?

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