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Lions Gateway to Ancient Atlantis?

Lions Gateway to Ancient Atlantis? I've aired a new video on the Youtube almost daily for the past few weeks (and as a consequence have been focusing lesser on this blog). My latest one is discussing the connection between the Lions Gate (or Lion Gate) and Ancient Atlantis. It appears that the Lions Gate can be found in several different ancient civilizations - Turkey, former Assyria area, Ancient Egypt and Greece being just a few of these.

The most famous one must have been in the ancient city of Mycenae - now northeastern Greece. The connection between the sphinxes, lions and lionesses is prominent throughout all these cultures. Several "rituals" with priests were conducted not only in Turkey but also the other areas - giving the Lions Gate celebrations an eerie feel not only today but also back then. One can't help but wonder if energy was already harvested back then - more than 3,000 years ago. The sacrifice during what is now called the Lionsgate Portal and several "celebrations" or ceremonies held since 2012 during that time is perhaps another means to keep us entrapped in the false matrix and paradigm. In addition to the actual soul harvesting, that is blatantly going on during that time of the year.

However, were the actual Lions Gates back then an opening or a portal to Ancient Atlantis? Find out more at

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