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Lionsgate Portal 8-8-20: Stargates, Downloads, Codes & More!

While some of us, including myself, are still figuring out whether or not the Lionsgate Portal is real or a program, I can't deny the influx of downloads and codes I have been getting throughout the year and specifically these past few months and days.

According to popular belief, from July 26 until August 12, we are under the influence of what is called "The Lionsgate Portal": A high frequency cosmic gate, which has opened up and to let in a plethora of Sirian codes and rays. In my meditations this week, I have received the image of a Stargate being wide open now. I even saw the diamond-white lights, downloads and codes, which others are mentioning, too. I don't believe that these are only Sirian star codes, as the lion can also symbolize Lyran and other Starseed origins. However, I have noticed a higher sense of fatigue, feeling depleted at the end of the day, and sleeping longer than usual over these past few days already. As we approach the climax of it all, the August 8th date (8-8-20), we might notice more and more of this.

I have also experienced a heightened sense of back pain, which is located on the the back side of the sacral chakra. Our creative expressions right now might really be ramping up or this part of our chakra might receive more of our attention during this specific period of the summer. Creation and creating can come in many forms. Not only in an artistic way, such as painting, dancing, and writing, but also in the form of giving birth to another being, birthing new creations and creating the life you desire. For people who are currently taking advantage of these energies, they might feel a heightened surge to define their own businesses, fire up their enterprises or they may simply long for a change, such as looking for a new home, a new job, a new place to be in overall.

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