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Mercury In Retrograde: All Three Retrogrades in 2021 Are In The Air Signs!

It’s mercury in retrograde season! And this year all retrogrades are going to be in the air signs. I usually don’t see a reason to point out that we are currently in this period, but I’ve had things happen to me first hand where my entire week ahead was pretty much cancelled. So I just wanted to put it out there that it might be a particularly challenging time for: Communication, travel plans, and the regular technology, speediness in replies etc. All three retrogrades being in air signs, which basically stand for rationality, decision making and communication, will be interesting to observe in 2021 (especially once it hits the sign of Mercury-ruled Gemini this summer). If things aren’t working out the way they’re supposed to right now, be kind to yourself. Maybe switch to Plan B or just stay away from haughty communication and remain in your zen. Good luck. 💜

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