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Short Energy Update for the Week of June 11

This week has barely started and it’s been all about sitting in a whole new energy already. Today is indeed one of those days during which we are able to experience the highest high (or the lowest low) and a pre-taste to what 5D can look like on a regular basis. Going with the flow, manifesting along and feeling at ease and peaceful with the world outside.

This week can also be quite ungrounding for some. For others, it might seem like a rug has been pulled away and they won’t be able to make much sense of the old world as is. This week will show who is part of our soul tribe and cosmic family. And who we are ok with leaving “behind”, although no one is ever truly left behind. We are unable to tolerate the ones or even fake to tolerate the ones, who are just not of the same vibration and frequency currently and who don’t want to take ownership of their lives.

This week will be quite interesting. How have you been feeling and how are you experiencing the new shift?

(Picture featuring some real fairies and orbs flying around the Manly Coastal Walk, taken earlier this week).

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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