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Spring Equinox: First Day of a New Cycle

It’s spring. Finally! Exactly one year ago I was in Sedona, AZ for the very first time. I was just starting my path of self-healing and self-discovery. Having come out of a tumultuous winter and having undergone an entire year of change, the transition continued here.

In Sedona, I tapped into several past lifetimes as a Native American. I also met two of my current spirit guides - a Native American Shaman and a Native American medicine woman. It was at this place on Earth that I opened myself up fully to my channeling abilities and tapped into my third eye in a way I never had before. It would take a good six more months until I was fully comfortable to offer my reading services to others. It would take a year until I was where I am now.

Sedona was great. Everyone I met here was for a reason. Everything that happened here propelled me on my path forward. From beautiful hiking trails over vortexes to just being still in nature - Arizona is where the magic is at.

Today is the spring equinox. A huge change from the past three months, a shift happening over a much longer time frame and which started way before any of this was relevant. The Schumann Resonance Scale is peeking as high as never before. Earth is awakening. I have never seen so many people question their current reality as much as now. We are on it, Starseeds. Let’s shine our light out brightly!

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Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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