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The Akashic Tarot: The Divine Physician (Number 6)

In this blog post we will discuss The Divine Physician, which is the sixth card of the Major Arcana.

The Divine Physician card is the sixth card in the Major Arcana of the Akashic Tarot. This is actually another one of my favorite cards of the deck. The intuitive meaning of the card is as follows:


Upright Meaning:

When the Divine Physician card comes out upright, it is a good reminder of the healing power within you and your own healing journey. This card depicts a man with healing powers pointing his right hand towards a woman, who is standing to his left. The woman carries a flower in her hair and appears to be soaking up the healing. There is a couple standing to the right side of the healer man, implying that not only does the healer do individual healing but also healing on couples or groups. At first I thought this man was supposed to depict Jesus and continued to call this card the Jesus (or Yeshua) card. But much later I found out the person shown is supposed to be Dian Cecht, who is Celtic and made the mortally wounded rise again through his "sacred words." Still, to this date, I associate this card with Yeshua and the healing powers he had. The season showcased in the card may be spring as seen in the spring blooms. Perhaps another sign for timing.

When this card comes out, you are now on a magnificent journey of healing and self-healing. Self-care is a priority. Perhaps you have always wanted to explore the healing arts a bit more. Or maybe you are at a time where you are seeking out powerful healing by someone who has been doing it for a while. You may be meeting this healer very soon. This person could also act as a mentor or teacher, if this is what you desire and wish to manifest. If you are seeking closure with a certain situation, this may also be a sign that healing and closure are coming for you and whatever situation it concerns. For people undergoing separation, grief or other circumstances, this is a card for entering the healing stage of this shocking and traumatic event.

Healing can come in many forms. It is not just the traditional "energy healing" or doctor / medicine / nurse role. An artist can provide healing with his art, such as words (poetry), music, paintings or photos. Similarly, an accountant may provide healing to some people for offering his outstanding services and peace of mind in necessary situations. I invite you to expand your mind towards the concept of healing and how it may apply in your life.

It is now a great time to embark on a healing journey or meet your spiritual teacher and healer, who can advance you.


If you are looking for healing in a relationship, there is a good chance you will be receiving it. This could be in the form of closure, as mentioned above. Or it could be in the form of a kind word, a conversation or anything there-such. Similarly, if you are already going to couple therapy or other places, this card may indicate that it will be fruitful and successful, as the healer also heals couples. If you are single, perhaps you will be meeting someone soon after starting your healing journey. The healer is sending healing energy towards a single woman, it appears.

Overall meaning:

Your connection to healing and your healing journey has been established. You are now fully on your way.


Reverse Meaning:

When the Divine Physician card comes out in reverse, this may be a sign that you have neglected yourself and your own healing. Perhaps you need to apply some self-care or find some time alone to regenerate. If you are on a journey to become a healer (no matter in what capacity), you have perhaps been side-tracked or swayed. Now would be a good time to re-evaluate your motives or the motives of people you are working with to determine how you can get back on track or toward the journey you desire.


What exactly is the Akashic Tarot? The Akashic Tarot deck was designed by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. It is a 62-card deck with five different focal points: The Major Arcana and four Minor Arcanas. This tarot card deck directly connects you with your intuition and is open to interpretation by anyone willing to expand their awareness and tapping into the higher force, abundance and wisdom of your own personal inner knowing. The name also implies a connection to your own, personal Akashic Records.

Learn the meanings of all cards of the Akashic Tarot individually here. This will give you more clarity on how to read these cards and work with this deck.

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